Kitchen ESP filter

BotonAir commercial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) eliminate the smoke, grease & odor emissions produced by hotels & restaurants and fast food shop’s kitchens, food mills, coffee roasters and CNC machines etc.

Industrial ESP filter

BotonAir industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) eliminate the heavy oil-mist smoke and odor emissions produced by PVC products, textile and plastic industries meanwhile collect DOP oil for recycle.

Kitchen ESP Hood

BotonAir hood built-in commercial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is combined hood and ESP filtration system which saves space. It collects cooking smoke at the same time eliminate the grease & odor.


Welcome to Boton

Foshan Boton Air Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electrostatic precipitator for industrial and commercial applications. We take great pride in the products we design and manufacture to provide our customers with solutions for air pollution problem. Our electrostatic air cleaners are mainly applied to oily smoke/exhaust from commercial kitchen, food factories, coffee roaster, CNC machine workshops, textile tenter, calendaring machines, PVC gloves dipping machines and PVC products industries.

Our products utilize an ionization process to filter particles in the exhaust with efficiency of up to 98% when fitted correctly. Boton Air has a range of models to address you air quality needs and all units is available in several configurations to achieve a large airflow capacity.
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Last Projects

We have installed our equipment in various industries and successfully solved the air pollution problem with a high reputation and appreciation.

Kitchen ESP Hood
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Kitchen ESP Hood

Boton’s commercial kitchen hood built-in electrostatic precipitator purification system which collects cooking exhaust gas at the same time solve smoke, grease and odor emission

Industrial ESP filter
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Industrial ESP filter

Boton’s industrial ESP air cleaners mainly used in textile, PVC based products production lines etc. We help manufacturers with exhaust emission and waste oil collection

Kitchen ESP filter
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Kitchen ESP filter

Boton’s electrostatic air cleaners help our customers solve the cooking exhaust emission problem with an excellent performance and win goodwill from neighboring business and residences.

Air Filtration Solutions

Adhering to intelligent manufacturing technology, constantly developing and optimizing product design and quality, Boton provides customers with technical support and quality service.


A comprehensive service system is provided throughout the sales process

Field installation

Boton Air provides oversea service of filed installation, commissioning and training for our customers.

Video support

Boton Air makes various videos for technical support to let our customers to know more about ESP filters.

Customized service

Boton Air provides customized design service in order to meet the site requirements and get a better performance.

Field maintenance

Boton Air provides oversea service of field maintenance and repair service for our customers.

Free spare parts

For each shipment, Boton Air also sends some necessary spare parts without extra cost that guarantee an efficient after sales service.

Online enquiry

Experienced sales and engineers provide professional proposal and follow your enquiry promptly.



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