Welcome to Boton

Foshan Boton Air Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electrostatic precipitator for industrial and commercial applications. We take great pride in the products we design and manufacture to provide our customers with solutions for air pollution problem. Our electrostatic air cleaners are mainly applied to oily smoke/exhaust from commercial kitchen, food factories, coffee roaster, CNC machine workshops, textile tenter, calendaring machines, PVC gloves dipping machines and PVC products industries.

Our products utilize an ionization process to filter particles in the exhaust with efficiency of up to 98% when fitted correctly. Boton Air has a range of models to address your air quality needs and all units is available in several configurations to achieve a large airflow capacity.

Our management and engineering team has been dedicated to the electrostatic precipitator business for more than sixteen years who is sure to be able to offer expert service on design, manufacturing, installation, operation and after sales. Meanwhile, with growing concerns of exhaust pollution while complying with local legislation, BotonAir has been working closely with our customers and listening to their advice to constantly refine and improve electrostatic precipitator performance.

Our products are certified by CE, ISO 9001 and various patents. Pioneering to utilize stainless steel filtration cells and bilateral needles fixed technology which extends the products life cycle.

Our ESP filters are selling well in domestic market in China and also oversea market around the world such as South Korea, UAE, Singapore, Portugal, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Iran, and Turkey. Oversea after-sales service is provided to ensure effective operation and efficient performance of the equipment.