Air Handling Units for PVC Flooring Industries

Multiple steps are required before a PVC flooring or vinyl flooring product leaves the factory. Feeding, hot press, coating, annealing, cutting etc. The majority of the exhaust is generated from the coating process. With the environmental pollution control becoming stricter and stricter, all pollution flue should be purified before emission.

An effective filtration system is the critical importance to a reliable and sustainable production process.Botonair handling units are successfully installed in many PVC flooring factories. The below video is one of our projects. There are six coating lines in this flooring factory. It faces shutdown if the pollution control doesn’t meet the local government requirement.Botonselects electrostatic filters according to every coating line parameter as the main part of an air handling system. As we can see in the video, the effective and efficient filtration system eliminate thick white smoke from the duct outlet. Finally, the factory passes the test by the local environmental department.

The motivation to install an air handling unit is not only for environmental protection but also gain the economic benefit. It captures oil particles in the flue gas and convertsthem to liquid. This process recoversthe mass of the DOP oil. The factory can reuse the oil for cost savings.