Applications of Electrostatic Precipitator

The use of electrostatic precipitators in industries is widely to remove fine particulate matter during the manufacturing process. Boton Air’s ESP air purification system is specialized in follows industries with high collection efficiencies for large and small particles.  There are three types of electrostatic precipitators in Boton Air’s products range. The commercial one is mainly used in restaurant kitchens to remove the cooking smoke. It’s installed in the duct. If the kitchen is small that space is limited to install the commercial ESP filters, you can consider the hybrid hood type. The built-in filtration module cells make the hood has smoke filtration function.Boton Air industrial electrostatic precipitators is the dry type one which is designed for oil-mist exhaust from manufacturing process. For example, the strong exhaust from foaming lines in artificial leather production and textile calendaring. The ESP filter captures greasily particulate in exhaust. After filtration, no smoke is seen on the outlet. We have finished many projects successfully which have a good performance.