Artificial Leather Industry Air Pollution

Nowadays artificial leather is widely used because it has an affordable and competitive price, but the production of PVC artificial leather will produce lots of exhaust gas. During production, the plasticizer is used in foaming or coating process. Plasticizer makes the artificial leather more elastic or flexible.However, in this process also produce VOC organic exhaust gas.

In the production of PVC artificial leather, the main plasticizer is DOP oil. During the production process, plasticizer volatilizes and transforms into gaseous state and contains in exhaust gas. If discharge it without any filtration, that has a serious impact on human health and environment.

Boton Air is a manufacturer for air filtration system which is design for artificial leather industry air pollution solution. The system utilizes high voltage electrostatic ionization technology to capture particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. The efficiency reaches above 98% removal rate.