Characteristics Of Smoke Exhaust & Ventilation System In Public Kitchens

The smoke exhaust and ventilation system of public kitchen has different characteristics from the general environmental assurance system. Understanding these characteristics plays a guiding role in the design of smoke exhaust and ventilation system of public kitchen and the selection of design standards.

(1) The system function shall ensure food safety and personnel health, and reduce pollution and interference to the surrounding environment. Especially for the reconstructed and expanded small and medium-sized restaurants, the original building structure design is not matched, and the system design faces many problems. Even for new projects, there are a lot of technical problems that need to be coordinated due to many reasons.

(2) The general working space of public kitchen is crowded and narrow, and it is located in the corner of the building. The design index of smoke exhaust and ventilation system is much heavier than that of general working environment. While removing oil fume, hot gas, waste heat, residual humidity, peculiar smell and other pollution sources, it is also necessary to ensure the comfort requirements of the restaurant and the environmental protection requirements of the surrounding environment, which increases the difficulty of design·

(3) The smoke exhaust and ventilation system of public kitchens involves a wide range of knowledge. In addition to smoke exhaust and ventilation technology, kitchen designers should also be proficient in oil fume purification, noise control, pipeline fire prevention and other related technologies. The design also involves cross coordination with heating, air conditioning and ventilation system design, air distribution, temperature and humidity control, structural space and so on.

(4) The total amount of ventilation in public kitchens is greater than that in general buildings, with both comprehensive ventilation and local ventilation. It is difficult to design such a large ventilation system in the narrow space of the kitchen.

The design technology of smoke exhaust and ventilation system of public kitchen is still in the stage of continuous development and deepening. The provisions of relevant specifications for public kitchen have not been seamlessly connected with kitchen designers. Kitchen designers need to solve the difficulties brought by the above characteristics in more detail.