Commercial kitchen hybrid hood with exhaust filtration system

Some small restaurants or food shops are facing the air pollution control requirement from local environmental bureau. However, at the same time they are facing another problem, that is there is no or little space left in kitchen to install ESP filters.
How to solve it? Boton Air commercial kitchen hybrid hood may help you. Shaped like a kitchen canopy exhaust hood, electrostatic air filtration modules are installed inside the hood. With the suction via fan, this hybrid hood collects cooking smoke and filters exhaust gas. Unique air curtain design effectively prevents air leakage. Boton Air hood style ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) also helps to save cost when installation and ducting cleaning. We will send the whole unit hood, then it’s unnecessary to waste time and cost on combination. What’s more, as the cooking smoke is collected and purified before it goes into ducts, the main oil particulates are captured inside ESP hoods. In this way, ducts are cleaner than others which using the normal hoods. It’s much safer and extends the ducts washing cycle period.