Controlling Textile Dyeing & Finishing Emissions

During production of dyeing and finishing in textile industry, lots of waste gas is generatedevery day and cause a fearful air pollution problem. Now many countries introduce policies to control air pollution and textile industries should install filtration systems for their stenter lines. Exhaust gas should be filtered before emission. How to solve it?

Boton Air is a manufacturer of electrostatic precipitator mainly for stenter frame line to collect oil & mist in smoke and then purified smoke.


Model: IESP-2.3

Airflow: 20000 CMH

Size: 2770x2000x2530 mm

Weight: 1750 kg

Air flow: from left to right/ from right to left

Protection: Fire suppression system, electric-discharge protection system

We have a range of technicians in manufacturing, designing, projects and combination etc. If you are unsure which model is suitable for your site. Please feel free to contact us for further information.