Cooking Exhaust Purifier

Boton cooking exhaust purifier uses the best of electrostatic precipitator technology to eliminate grease and smoke from commercial kitchen cooking exhaust. Boton electrostatic precipitator filters benefits a clean kitchen an outlet disposal. What’s more, the cooking exhaust purifiers are important for reaching the local environmental authority policy.



Brand Name: Boton Air

Model: HESP-4000

Airflow: 4000CMH

Purify Efficiency: 98%

Warranty: 12 months

Size: 780*1005*865 mm

Vent Size: 670*670 mm

Weight: 115 KG

Rate power: 800 w

Air Flow Direction: Left to Right/Right to Left

Safety: Auto-stop when electro-discharge 8-12times and fault light flash

Filter Cell: Stainless Steel

Pre-Filter: Washable Perforated Steel Plate

Input Voltage: 1P+N+PE AC220-240V 50Hz

Ionizing Voltage: 16~18 KVdc

Pressure Drop: 150 pa

Installation: Ceiling suspended, wall/frame mounted, ground

Assembly: Multiple units can be combined for higher volume