Daily Maintenance for Boton Industrial ESP air cleaner

The effective maintenance of the industrial ESP air cleaners is very important and ensures a long-term safe and stable operation and maintain high filtration efficiency.


Periodical arrangementMaintenance items
Daily1.         Keep the surface of equipment clean;

2.         Check whether the drainage outlet is unobstructed or not;

3.         Check whether the flue gas temperature exceeds 60℃ or not;

4.         Check whether the fire extinguishing water meet the following specifications:static pressure ≥0.3Mpa, dynamic pressure≥0.18Mpa.

Every two weeks1.         Clean the perforated air flow dividers;

2.         Clean the high voltage output ceramic insulators;

3.         Clean the grease residue inside the equipment;

4.         Clean the electric field cells.

Monthly1.         Check whether the fire damper can work normally or not;

2.         Check whether the electric ball valve can work normally or not.

The operators must wear eye-protection glasses, head-protection cap, gloves, and protective clothing so as to prevent alkaline liquid from damaging the skin of the operators.