DOP Recovery machine for PVC artificial leather.

Plasticizer is the key ingredient in the production process of PVC artificial leather. It is the additive that has the greatest impact on the physical properties of PVC soft products. Plasticizer determines the rheological behavior of plastic paste, can improve processing performance, and gives PVC products elasticity and elasticity. Flexibility. PVC is a highly polar polymer. The strong intermolecular force not only makes PVC poor in processing performance, but also makes the product hard and lacks flexibility. After adding an appropriate amount of plasticizer to the formula, the plasticizer molecules can be inserted In PVC molecules, the distance between PVC molecules increases, weakening the intermolecular force, reducing the viscosity and plasticizing temperature of PVC plasticizer paste, making PVC resin easier to process, and the product quality is excellent.

At present, the main types of plasticizers used in naming are: DOP plasticizer, DINP plasticizer, DOA plasticizer, which are suitable for various national industries and are the most commonly used plasticizers in various plasticizer formulas. , the dosage of DOP is more than 80%, and its toxicity is relatively greater than the other three types. Therefore, the main pollutant in the plasticizer exhaust gas generated during the production of PVC artificial leather is DOP plasticizer.

PVC production cycle processes include mixing, gelling, kneading, foaming, surface polishing and other processes that generate a lot of fumes, waste gas, and dust. During the foaming process, a large amount of plasticizer will precipitate and evaporate. And the temperature is as high as 200 degrees, and the plasticizer content is the highest. This kind of plasticizer is emitted into the production workshop and into the air, which is a great hazard to the physical and mental health of workshop workers and environmental pollution. And the greater the amount of plasticizer emitted, the greater the loss to the enterprise (if recycled and reused, the investment in plasticizer can be greatly reduced).

Therefore, it is now necessary to recover and reuse DOP through effective technical means. DOP waste gas can be recycled in large quantities after being purified by our company’s purification device, which has high economic value. Therefore, the industrial fume exhaust gas from the PVC artificial leather (synthetic leather) production line is not only an environmental pollution problem, but also a social economic and resource utilization problem.

DOP exhaust gas purification treatment and recovery system

The main performance of the DOP exhaust gas recovery and purification system: 1. It is necessary to effectively recycle DOP (the more recycled, the more economic benefits it brings to the enterprise), so the recovery efficiency of the exhaust gas purification and recovery system determines the standard of the system; 2. The investment must be small , easy to operate and low subsequent investment costs. 3.DOP recovery efficiency reaches over 95%. 4. It needs to be safe, reliable, stable and intelligent in operation; 5. Automatic fault diagnosis and fire prevention, temperature detection system.

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