DOP recovery system for PVC banners—the solution for PVC banners exhaust/smoke treatment

As an advertising tool, PVC banners have been widely used in shopping malls, subway stations, airports and other places with high flow of people. The banner material of PVC flex banner is also one of the important factors affecting the publicity effect. PVC banners is a common banner material, mainly made of polyvinyl chloride. Because it is waterproof, durable, UV-proof, fire-proof, acid and alkali resistant, and can withstand harsh weather environments, it is widely used in outdoor advertising. In addition, PVC banners also has good plasticity and can be processed through thermoforming, cold forming, etc., to make it into PVC banner of various shapes. At the same time, the printing effect of PVC banners is also very good and not easy to fade.If it is outdoor advertising, it is recommended to choose PVC banners, which is waterproof, durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

How is PVC banners produced?

First there are three production processes for PVC banners. PVC banners is divided into three types according to the production process: scraping method PVC banners, calendering method PVC banners and lamination method PVC banners.

Knife scraping method

The knife-scraping l PVC banners process is to use a number of counter-squeegees to evenly coat the liquid PVC slurry on both sides of the base fabric, then completely combine it into a whole through the drying process, and then cool it to form. It is characterized by strong anti-penetration, tensile strength and peeling resistance.

The calendering method is to fully stir PVC powder and liquid plasticizer and other raw materials, and then bond them with the base fabric into a whole under the pressure of high-temperature hot rollers. It is characterized by good surface smoothness and uniform light transmission, which is more advantageous in interior lighting cloth.

Lamination method
The lamination method light box cloth is to heat the upper and lower layers of molded PVC film and laminate them together with the light guide fiber mesh in the middle under the pressure of the hot roller, and then cool and form. The biggest feature of this process is its excellent ink absorption and strong color expression.

With the rapid development of industrialization, the waste gas emissions from the PVC banners industry are increasing day by day, causing serious pollution to the environment. In order to protect the environment and human health, the PVC banners industry needs to take effective waste gas control measures. How to solve the exhaust gas problem in the production of PVC banners? Today, the editor of Botonair will introduce to you the exhaust gas treatment method. First of all, Botonair Company is a manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, specializing in the production and manufacturing of DOP recovery system.

Therefore, I will now introduce to you the DOP recovery system for PVC banners —electrostatic precipitator treatment method.

Electrostatic method: Use electrostatic field to remove particulate matter and volatile organic substances in oil smoke. The working process includes gas molecule electricity, oil mist particle charging, and the charged particles move toward the cylinder under the action of the electric field and reach the anode, thereby achieving the purpose of removing particulate matter in the oil fume. The oil fume collection efficiency is high, and the purification efficiency can reach above 95%.

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