Dop Recovery System for PVC Leather Industry

Dioctyl Phthalate is one of the main plasticizers in PVCbased products such as synthetic leather, PVC gloves, flooring, mat and wall paper etc. During production (foaming/coating/calendaring), plasticizers are volatilized and then become main part waste exhaust. To collect DOP in smoke for recycle and it would help to save cost.

Boton electrostatic air filters are designed for synthetic leather industries for DOP recovery. It’s for PVC leather foaming lines and calendaring lines. With high filtration efficiency that industrial ESP units recycle 200-500kg DOP oil per day. In this way, around 1-2 years the collected oil can cover cost of buying air filters.

Compared to other brands, Boton DOP oil collectors are much smaller in size. Besides, we really concern about the safety since there are lots of oil accumulated inside filters. A fire suppression system should be inside industrial electrostatic filters to detect every corner of machines. In case sparking happens, fire suppression system would automaticly turn on to put out the fire.

Because of the high efficiency, Boton ESP filters not only collect DOP oil in exhaust gas but also help to solve the air pollution problem. After filtration, you can see no smoke on the pipe outlet. It brings a health working environment to workers and at the same time reach the local environmental law.

The applications of Boton Air commercial electrostatic precipitators

Boton Air commercial electrostatic precipitators