DOP RecoveryS ystem in Artificial Leather Industries

A mass of thick plasticizer smog is generated from the ovens.Generally, the main ingredient of PVC products is PVC,DBP, DOP, and stabilizers.And the plasticizer smog is mainly contented with the DBP and DOP. The thick smog would cause strong pollution if discharged without any treatment.

Boton electrostatic air filters are designed for synthetic leather industries for DOP recovery. It’s for artificial leather foaming lines and calendaring lines. With high filtration efficiency the industrial ESP units recycle 200-500kg DOP oil per day if working 24H. In this way, around 1-2 years the collected oil can cover the cost of buying air filters. We have rich experience in artificial leather exhaust pollution handling. We successfully finished many projects at home and abroad. We devote ourselves to research and strive to develop our electrostatic air filters for artificial leather industries for DOP recovery.