Electrostatic Air Purification for Textile Industry

The stenter machine used in textile manufacture and finishing and dyeing.

The exhaust gas emitted by the printing and dyeing stenter machine not only contains a lot of smoke and dust, but also contains polyphenylene organic matter, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, oil and other components. The oil, smoke and dust discharged are very harmful to human health and the environment, and the pollution caused by the exhaust gas emission of the stenter/ram machine has become more and more serious.

IESP series Industrial air purification system is developed by Boton Air Technology to solve this air pollution problem.

There are two types of installation method:

One is On the Top of Stenter Machine.

Advantage is the ducting pipe is shorter and save the installation space, if the factory doesn’t have enough space to install the system. But it also saves the ducting cost and maintain the duct cleaning cost.

Disadvantage is if the stenter has fire, it will easy to get fire for our system and the temperature is too high on the top of stenter, so it is more strict for decreasing the temperature.

Another one is Outdoor Installation or Side Installation.

Advantage: Maintaining the system is much easier and far away from the stenter, so smoke temperature is lower after passing through the duct.

Disadvantage: installation duct cost is much higher, and it needs to maintain the duct cleaning. It also requires the factory has enough installation space.

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