Electrostatic Filter Units for stenter frame in textile industries

Stenter frame machine is mainly a machine for making cloth setting. Generally, the setting machine uses heat transfer oil to heat the air in the setting machine, and then heats the fabric. When the textile reaches a certain temperature and keeps it for a certain period of time, the fabric structure changes to achieve the purpose of setting.

The setting machine is the key equipment for the finishing of textile printing and dyeing. In the process of fabric heat setting, the temperature is high, so a large amount of high-temperature gas is generated in the drying oven of the setting machine. The high-temperature gas contains organic oils, dyes, dye auxiliaries, lubricating oils, fibrous particles and other pollutants.

The exhaust air treatment of the stenter ram machine usually includes a water scrubber treatment process and an electrostatic treatment process together. The exhaust gas temperature of the setting machine is sometimes as high as 180-200 ° C, or even higher temperature 220° C, for example raschel blanket product. Manufacture raschel blanket, the smoke temperature is very high with heavy smoke. It is inevitable to catch fire. At this time, if the system does not have safe and reliable protection measures, the electrostatic filter unit will usually be scrapped due to a fire.

In order to solve this problem, our Boton Air proposes to customer install scrubber before installing ESP smoke filter. First to remove fabric fibers from stenter and avoid the fire risk from the stenter or ESP filter.


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