Electrostatic Precipitator Kitchen Cooking Fume Filtration

Kitchen cooking fume is mainly from edible oil and oil fumeproduced in the process of food heating. The fume is mainly vapor, grease, andother pollutants and would harm the environment if discharged directly. Studiesshow that good ventilation would effectively improve kitchens environment.

We, FOSHAN BOTON AIR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., are a professional manufacturer specializing in electrostatic precipitator kitchen cooking fumefiltration systems. Our main product, ESP filters, have been installedin lots of commercial kitchen sites. The durable filtration module guarantees a ten-years-servicelife. Very easy for installation and maintenance and can beinstalled indoors or outdoors. Over 98% exhaust removal rate ensures excellentefficiency and is visually smoke-free for emission.

We have a range of technicians in manufacturing, designing,projects and combination, etc. If you are unsure which model is suitable foryour site. Please feel free to contact us for further information.