Exhaust& Odor Treatment For Rubber NBR Foaming Line

Nitrile rubber insulation is a very versatile and flexible insulation. It is widely used the Industrial insulation, air-conditioning, plumbing and HVAC industries for seals, gaskets, heat insulation, soundproof and vibration dampening applications. It is a closed cell elastomeric insulation and is resistant to water vapor, oil and most acids.They are foamed polymer blend of PVC and nitrile rubber materials.

For the rubber NBR insulation industry, the main environmental problem is from a mass of white exhaust and odor emission which harmful for environment and get complaint from neighbor or even fined by local environmental authority.

Exhaust should be treated before emission. Boton Air is a professional manufacturer for industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) which is specialized in exhaust&odor treatment for NBR rubber foaming lines with a good efficiency.

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