Exhaust Purification System Hybrid Hood

The appearance of Botonair exhaust purification system hybrid hoods is similar to the normal kitchen canopy hoods. Distinctly, our hybrid hoods are built-in filtration modules system. In this way, it is not necessary to purchase a conventional exhaust hood, other air pollutants such as smoke and dust can also be collected by the ESP filtration modules. Cost and space in kitchens are saved.

Hoods collect all smoke via the fan’s suction, then the kitchen smoke goes to the electrostatic filtration module. There is a mesh filter in the inlet for the air divider and purifythe big particles first. Then oil particles are collected by electrostatic cells.

We will send the whole unit hood to our customers.It’s unnecessary to waste time and cost on the combination. What’s more, as the cooking smoke is collected and purified before it goes into ducts, the main oil particulates are captured by the purification system hybrid hoods. In this way, ducts are cleaner than other kitchens which use normal hoods. It’s much safer and extends the ducts washing cycle period.