Four Sets of Industrial ESP Will Be Installed Abroad

When the epidemic was severe, Boton Air company did not stop and has been committed to the development and production of industrial ESP. This month we exported four sets of industrial ESPs to foreign countries, in order to solve the environmental protection problems of the company and the health of the people.

Why do the company need our Boton Air industrial ESP systems?

Boton Air industrial ESP can be used in different industries, such as such as vinyl gloves/ PVC gloves production line. As we know, now the COVID-19 epidemic is still severe, so demand for examination gloves(Vinyl gloves/ PVC gloves) has increased a lot. Therefore, lots of factories added many vinyl gloves/ PVC gloves production lines or build a new factory.

Our industrial ESP also called DOP recovery machine. During the process of PVC gloves production, lots of oily smoke will be generated which contain lots of DOP smoke. Our DOP recycle machine not only can solve air pollution problem, but also can recycle the DOP oil for their production line to use.