General Design Principle of Public Commercial Kitchen Layout

To optimize the overall function of the kitchen and improve the efficiency of kitchen design, the following principles of overall design of kitchen layout should be followed.

(1) Ensure that the overall function meets the business plan

Business planning is a long-term goal for operators after market research and a specific requirement for kitchen design. The kitchen layout design should be aimed at the business planning objectives, and clarify the catering category, scale, number of meals, number of tables, specialty dishes and service items through the kitchen layout design to achieve all functions.

(2) Ensure food safety in kitchen

The kitchen design should be carried out according to the requirements of national food safety standards. The regional division, process route, workshop design, and equipment to ensure food safety should meet the requirements of the standards. On the basis of kitchen equipment technology, it should create preconditions for the kitchen food safety management system, and strive for the design scheme to pass the examination of the health and quarantine department at one time.

(3) All kinds of functional space division layout is reasonable, smooth process and high efficiency

Starting from the overall operation research idea, to the main channel, area division, workshop layout, equipment layout, etc., we should take the workflow as the main context, and take the smooth kitchen workflow as the criterion, especially to ensure that the process is simple and smooth, without backflow. Other workflow should be designed in line with the process, so as to ensure that it does not cross and compete with the process, In order to improve the efficiency of kitchen operation.

(4) Ensure the overall function is complete

The overall function of public kitchen is complete, including scientific and reasonable equipment selection and kitchen layout, which are inseparable. Each functional part of the kitchen is closely linked, not less than one link. We should consider all kinds of single equipment in the whole system. Comprehensive analysis of the kitchen, kitchen equipment selection to ensure that the overall function is not missing items, but also pay attention to the main equipment configuration and supporting equipment configuration scientific and reasonable, can’t ignore one and lose the other, affect the overall function.

(5) Humanized design principle

Kitchen design should be based on the principle of ergonomics, and implement the scientific and reasonable allocation of equipment, kitchen environment and staff work. The realization of humanized design is consistent with the improvement of work efficiency. Improving efficiency is consistent with reducing more than action and reducing labor intensity. The equipment configuration of working parts is reasonable, and employees can quickly complete the work without moving, which not only saves time and physical strength, but also improves work efficiency.

(6) Optimize kitchen design operation procedure

The operation procedure of kitchen design includes the procedure of coordinating the design operation with the restaurant manager, architectural design department, kitchen designers, construction team and other parties, as well as the procedure of designers carrying out the design work. Kitchen design operation procedure determines the efficiency and quality of kitchen design. If the order is reversed, it will lead to repeated design, reduce work efficiency and affect the quality of kitchen design. Only by optimizing the internal and external operation procedures of kitchen design can the efficiency and quality of kitchen design be improved.

(7) It is convenient for kitchen to carry out system engineering design and construction

All kinds of passageways, workrooms, functional parts and other local design should consider the kitchen as a whole. The implementation of system engineering design should not only be familiar with and follow the specific design principles of the kitchen system design and local design, but also create technical conditions for the construction and installation process, so as to improve the design and construction efficiency.

(8) Design principle of coordination inside and outside kitchen

In the early stage of kitchen planning, we should consider the problem of scientific and reasonable matching inside and outside the kitchen design. Fully understand the kitchen site, collect detailed design information inside and outside the kitchen, such as design requirements and accurate drawings, and site inspection, these are very important for the design. A detailed understanding of the internal structure and surrounding environment of the kitchen can ensure the overall effect. If the lack of understanding of the external environment of the kitchen leads to the interference of the kitchen design to the surrounding environment and unnecessary disputes, then the design scheme must be changed.

It’s not difficult to agree with the above design principles, but it’s difficult to abide by them in practice, and it’s even more difficult to apply them in a comprehensive way. It is difficult to achieve the purpose of optimization, especially the irregular plane structure, which often needs to be considered and modified many times. Many of the above principles have clear design standards, and each principle is closely related to each local functional space. It is necessary to weigh the trade-offs in the actual design, so as to ensure the implementation of mandatory specifications and strive for the maximum optimization effect.