How do you filter cooking smoke?

Kitchen smoke is inevitable if you spend any time cooking. Smelly smoke from burnt oil will persist for long time if you don’t eliminate it quickly. How to filter cooking smoke? For home cooking, you need to turn on the kitchen ventilator and open windows to discharge the cooking smoke to outside. For restaurants kitchens, a great suction hood is necessary to eliminate the exhaust quickly, but only this is not enough. During cooking in commercial kitchens, a large amount of cooking smoke is continuous generated. Discharging it directly would cause air pollution and complaint from neighbors because of smelly smoke. So for commercial kitchens, they also need to install a set of ventilation system including electrostatic precipitator air filters to remove smoke and activated carbon filters to remove odor. Boton Air is a professional manufacturer who is specialized in commercial kitchen air filters and offer automatic washing system for optional to meet various requirements. If any interest, welcome here to leave message to use for further information.