How Does a Electrostatic Precipitator Work Step by Step?

Boton Air electrostatic precipitators are mainly used in commercial kitchen exhaust filtration and artificial leather industries DOP recovery. Our electrostatic precipitators utilize high voltage electrostatic ionization technology. Here are the working principle steps:

  1. The exhaust is sucked into the ESP filters by the fanand some of the large oil& mist particles are trapped on the pre-filter.
  2. When the exhaust airflow enters the high-voltage electrostatic cells, with the action of the high-voltage electrostatic ionization, the exhaust gas is ionized and the grease particlesare charged. Thencharged particles are adsorbed on the anode electric field(tubes) and flow to the bottom under the action of their own gravity then are discharged through the oil drain.
  3. The remaining micron-sized oil mist is decomposed into carbon dioxide& water by the electric field and then finally dischargesthe clean air.At the same time, due to the function of the high voltageelectrostatic ionization, ozone is generated which helps to remove most of the odor in the smoke.