How Much Does an Electrostatic Smoke Precipitator Cost?

Electrostatic smoke precipitator cost is based on the size of the unit purchased. Boton Air has a series of ESP filters to fit any site requirement. The bigger size the higher cost. Secondly, the quantity of ESP filters is also a factor to affect the cost. The number of units selection is according to the site situation such as smoke concentration, filtration efficiency requirement, site space etc. In some cases, we should use two or more units for combination to get a higher efficiency.

However, In the market, sometimes you can find a big difference on price in almost same size ESP filters. Why? The main point is on the quality. In order to offer a very low price, some suppliers use cheaper material for cost saving. For example, filtration cells are made by galvanized rather than stainless steel and use inferior material on power system. In this way, the cost is less but it also affects the machines service life and increase the maintenance.

When we choose a supplier of ESP filters, we inquiry for the price at the same time should know clearly on the machine details. Electronic smoke precipitators can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the need.