How to clean an electrostatic precipitator?

Kitchen electrostatic precipitators are widely used in cooking smoke elimination. The filtration systems collect oil particles in the cooking exhaust, so the filtration modules would be dirty and covered with oil after 2-3 months using and it’s easy to cause electricdischarge. Boton filtration modules are made by SS201.The modules are durable and reusable. In this case, what we should do is to clear the filtration modules or we so-called cells.

People usually think it’s an effective way to use cloth or steel wool to wash the cells, but it’s not. It’s unnecessary manually remove the oil sundries because strips from cloths or wires from steel wools are easy to be left inside cell tubes and cause electricdischarge but hard to find out. The essential step is dipping into the hot water with detergent. Oil particles are peeled off during this process.

Here is some guidance for the cell washing process

  1. Turn the machine off and then use a screwdriver to touch a tube and needle of cells.
  2. Ground out the cells. Be careful not to concave any tubes, if you did please recover them.
  3. Soak the cells in a tub of hot water(more than 80℃) with NaOH(caustic soda). The proportion for it is 25(hot water):1(caustic soda).
  4. After one hour takes cells out and then use a water jet to spray the cells to remove the detergent. If keeps the hot water heated, the soak time can be only half an hour.
  5. Pour out remained water in tubes and let the cells dry for an hour then re-insert and turn on ESP filters.