How to Clean Cooking Smoke?

Busy restaurant kitchens generated a mass of cooking smoke which is so annoying when discharging directly. The restaurants will receive complaints if no any action on the exhaust pollution control. The solution way is to kitchen air cleaners for exhaust purification before discharging.

The below video shows one of our projectsfor a SiChuan restaurant. As we can see there are lots of smoke is generated during cooking and the emission outlet is low-level and towards the street which causes heavy air pollution. After our engineer visits the site. We choose HESP-16000 in a double pass for this restaurant. It’s effective for exhaust and odor removal. In the video, when turning on the ESP filters, the smoke is eliminated and get a good performance.

If you are unsure about which air cleaning system you require to address your air quality issues, we have a variety of specialists available who are sure to be able to offer expert advice and multiple options to address your air quality needs.