How to clean ESP filter cells?

Electrostatic precipitator collects oil particles in exhaust, so after a period working, some oil is accumulated inside the filtration cells. Routine maintenance is very important for air filtration equipment to ensure operating efficiency

Compared with other brands, Boton Air electrostatic air filter cells are made by stainless steel which are durable and easy for washing.

Other brands are mainly made by galvanized. This material is easy to cause fins and wires broken when washing. If broken, you may need to pay high cost for replacement.

The way for Boton cells cleaning is not difficult. Here are steps

  1. Turn the machine off and then use a screwdriverto touch a tube and needle of cells.
  2. Ground out the cells. Be careful not to concave any tubes, if you did please recover them.
  3. Soak the cells in a tub of hot water(more than 80℃) with NaOH(caustic soda). Proportion for it is 25(hot water):1(caustic soda).
  4. After one hour take cells out and then use awater jet spray the cells to remove the detergent. If keeps the hot water heated, the soak time can be only half hour.
  5. Pour out remained water in tubes and letthe cells dry for an hour then re-insert and turn on ESP filters.