How to Clean the Exhaust from Synthetic Leather Industries?

Plasticizer makes PVC products more elastic and flexible. It is the key component of DOP plasticizer in the production of PVC artificial leather. In the formulation of various plasticizers, the amount of DOP is more than 80%, which is toxic and is also the main pollution. The plasticizer organic waste gas produced by the PVC artificial leather production workshop, the main pollutants are dust, DOP, DINP, DOA, ESD, the temperature of these waste gas is between 80~90℃, the nature of the pollutants is similar to the kitchen fume, the temperature Slightly higher than kitchen fume exhaust.

In the PVC production process, there are more oil fume and dust generated by mixing, gelatinization, kneading, foaming, surface, etc. When baking in a high-temperature foaming furnace, a large amount of solvent in the mixture volatilizes to form oil fumes, and the fumes are mainly DOP, flame retardant, xylene, etc. And with a strong pungent odor. These fumes can be purified by high-voltage static electricity, pungent odors, and purified by activated carbon filters or UV light oxygen purifiers.

Boton Air is a professional manufacturer in industrial air cleaners and concentrates on the solution of PVC leather exhaust purification. Boton air cleaners utilize high voltage electrostatic ionization technology.Electrons are emitted from the cathode in a high-voltage electric field, and then in the process of electrons collision with air molecules, the anions are generated in order to capture the soot particles. So the soot particles are charged. Under the electric field, those charged soot particles are absorbed by anode so as to achieve the goal of removing the fumes.

Considering the fume gas is thick and grease, a fire suppression system is built-in in every air cleaner to provide safety protection from fire.