How to Install Kitchen ESP Filters in Outdoor?

We deliver assembled ESP filters to our customers. The main part of the installation is ducting and power supply connection. Please check the below video which shows the installation process.Even though the process is easy to operate, there are a few more things to be aware of.

Firstly, before installation, no matter the ceiling or the roof, we should guarantee it is strong enough to bear the weight of the whole filtration system.

Secondly, we should reserve the maintenance space when calculating the installation space. It requests at least 800 mm length in front of the access door for daily maintenance.

Thirdly, the fan is installed in the rear of ESP filters and an awning is needed for rain and sunshine protection.

Fourthly, the installation and especially the testing should be handled by qualified technicians.Do NOT power up the ESP filters before completing installation. High voltage is generated inside filters when it’s in full operation.

The last but not least, the commercial ESP filters are mainly used for kitchen cooking exhaust filtration. Please DO NOT apply it to flammable or explosive gases.