How to solve air pollution problem in nonwoven industries?

In nonwoven industries, especially for the PP nonwoven fabric, exhaust is generated during the thermally fusing and adding adhesive production process. How to solve this air pollution problem? The main difficulty for filtration we are facing is that the ingredient max in the additives would cause jam inside the air filters. Therefore, the filtration system should be cleaned after few hours working. That is not an ideal filtration system. Botonair is committed to research and develop our electrostatic air filters specifically for the non-woven industries. We redesign the machine structure and innovatively use heating system & backup filtration system which are efficiently solve the wax problem. Due to the raw material is pure and we solve the wax problem, the routine maintenance period can be more than 6 months. Botonair filters can run for 24 hours to match non-woven production. We optional offer the stainless-steel casing for your choice. If you have any questions on the air filtration system for non-woven industries, please kindly leave a message to us. We have a professional team to offer an ideal solution.