Indoor Air Pollution From Cooking

For kitchens, indoor air pollution is mainly from cooking which contaminate the indoor air with harmful pollutants. For insistence, the heat sources such as gas, wood and electricity to cook food. These heat sources can produce pollutant during cooking. What’s more, cooking food also creates oily exhaust especially when heating oil, frying, roasting. The cooking exhaust contains lots of pollutants and would harm for environment if discharge it directly.

Studies show that good ventilation would be effective improve kitchen environment. High efficiency range hoods installed above stoves is the best way to collect exhaust when cooking. And outside kitchens, cooking smoke air filters (electrostatic precipitator) are necessary before discharging. The filters collect the majority of oil particle in exhaust and transfer it from gas to liquid. The electrostatic filters from Boton Air with a 98% efficiency and achieve that no smoke is seem on outlet after filtration.