Industrial ESP filter

Developed specifically to collect oil &mist particulate, Boton industrial electrostatic purification systems control exhaust emissions which pose a threat to the environment and your business. Boton’s ESP filters are ideal for companies that need a customized engineered solution for tough emissions from plasticizers, manufacturing processes, textiles and rubber.

Products Description


  • Fire suppression system
  • Freezer-type sealing technology
  • One-piece construction case
  • Module structure
  • Separation of host from control panel cabinet
  • Built-in wire slot
  • Automatic stop when access door open

Electrostatic Filtering Cell

  • made by stainless steel
  • bilateral cathode fixed technology
  • Honeycomb structure makes evenly power output
  • Length of cylinders extends to 330 mm

Heat Exchanger

  • Leaving proper distance between each fin makes a full contact between smoke and fins
  • Quick clamp technology
  • Four flow circulating water supply

Control Panel Cabinet

It is more convenient to operate by separating the centralized control box with the host,which can avoid valor,oil,mist and other pollutants into control box that may cause the damage.

High Voltage Power System

  • Frequency power supply
  • Intelligent high voltage power
  • Epoxy resin encapsulation

Application Industries


synthetic leather, wallpaper, gloves, PVC mat, PVC coating fabric, PVC conveyor belt, PVC plastic granulation, plastic film, PVC plastic flooring

Printing and Dyeing

Tenter, cord yarns coating, cord yarns , extrusion, natural lustre finishing


machining , standard parts, heat treatment, smelter, laser carving and cutting, metal sintering, welding

Industrial cooking

deep fat fryer, smokehouse, food baking, tobacco curing


solidification, polishing, recycle


coating, mixture with high temperature, saturant



One piece compact construction assures system integrity and reduces installation cost

Modular Design for low to high air volumes

– Includes a grease drain point in the base of the unit

-access doors are adopted freezer-type sealing technology to prevent oil & smoke leakage

– Our filtration cells are all made by stainless steel and designed to last the lifetime of the system and save on maintenance costs because they never need to be replaced.

-patented on bilateral negative needles fixed technology which save maintenance time after cells washing.

fire suppression system

– Built-in wire slot

Automatic stop when access door is open

separation of host from control panel cabinet which protect control cabinet once catching fire

-R&D electrical parts guarantee strong static electricity input to filtration cells

– ease of installation& maintenance

– Protection of workers’ health and minimized potential long term liability

Production & Packing

Before packed, all  electrostatic precipitator units should be tested and each component should pass all thess QC procedures before shipping to customers.

All good are packed in plastic sheet and wooden boxes/pallets.