Industrial ESP Filters Project for PVC foaming lines

Boton Air industrial electrostatic precipitator is designed for liquid droplets collection and is specially used in PVC based production lines such as PVC leather, glove, mat, flooring etc. The video is one of our projects for PVC leather foaming lines. During production, a mass of thick exhaust gas are generated from ovens which would cause air pollution problem if no any filtration device for it.

We use high capacity intelligent frequency power system to make sure strong high voltage input into filtration modules and guarantee a high efficiency. As a large part of smoke is greasily oil particles, before filtration, smoke should be entered into a heat exchanger to cool down the temperature first and also we set a fire suppression system inside ESP filters. It greatly reduces the potential risk of fire.

In the video you can see a very good performance on smoke removal, when start the machine, there is no white smoke on outlet and it surely reaches the local environmental policy. Besides, our ESP filters recover DOP oil particles for recycle.

If you any interest about this products, please feel free to contact us for further information.