Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic Precipitator Cooking Exhaust Purification System

A effective treatment system of cooking exhaust and odour emission is very important for designers and owners of commercial kitchen sites and food industry. It has never been more critical in order that neighboring businesses can coexist and reach local authority’s air pollution control standard. Reliable kitchen exhaust gas filtration systems should include electrostatic precipitators (ESP) to capture grease particle and airborne contaminants in kitchen cooking exhaust gas.


Foshan BotonAir Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in commercial kitchen electrostatic precipitator filter. We are committed to design and manufacture products which enhance particulate air pollution control and achieve optimized performance and try to provide you with a high efficiency solution for your commercial kitchen exhaust gas disposal problems.


Working Principle

Our smoke filters utilize high voltage electrostatic ionization technology. The cooking smoke is sucked into the ESP filter by the fan and some of the large oil & mist particles are trapped on the pre-filter/air divider. When the airflow enters the high-voltage electrostatic cells, with the action of the high-voltage electrostatic ionization, the exhaust gas is ionized and the grease particles is charged.Then charged particles are adsorbed on the anode electric field( tubes) and flow to bottom under the action of their own gravity then are discharged through the oil drain. The remaining micron-sized oil mist is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by the electric field and finally discharge the jeep wrangler headlights clean air . At the same time, due to the function of the high voltage electrostatic ionization, ozone is generated which helps to remove most of the odor in the smoke.



The features 

– One piece compact construction assures system integrity and reduces installation cost

– Modular Design for low to high air volumes

– Low Resistance / pressure drop

– Includes a grease drain point in the base of the unit

– Our filtration cells are all made by stainless steel and designed to last the lifetime of the system and save on maintenance costs because they never need to be replaced.

-patented on bilateral negative needles fixed technology which save maintenance time after cells washing.

– ease of installation& maintenance

– Protection of workers’ health and minimized potential long term liability

– Auto-wash and activated carbon filter option

– By reducing commercial kitchen duct cleaning and maintenance needs of high-use duct systems, customers can save up to 3/4 of their related ongoing costs.



One piece compact construction assures system integrity and reduces installation cost and modular design for low to high air volumes. Boton’s filters are available in indoor or outdoor installation(Ceiling suspended, wall/frame mounted, ground), both in convenient side access housings.

If you are interested in BotonAir’s commercial kitchen filters, please feel free to contact us and we can offer a solution proposal which match your kitchen site.

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