Kitchen exhaust gas emission

Kitchen exhaust gas emission is always an annoying issue for restaurants and hotel kitchens. The emission should be reached the local disposal standard, so it’s necessary to filter kitchen exhaust gas before emission.

Kitchen exhaust gas is mainly from edible oil and oil fume produced in the process of food heating. In the cooking process, the water droplets in the vegetables vaporize and expand rapidly, and some of them condense into fog and oil smoke to form visible oil mist. The oil mist is mainly vapor, with only a small amount of oil gas and oil smoke which are not infiltrated by water mist at the upper part.

In addition, there are some irritating odor in the smoke and exhaust. In terms of form, the exhaust gas includes particulate matter and gaseous pollutants. The particle size of particles is small, generally less than 10 μ m, which can be divided into solid and liquid, and the viscosity of liquid is large. Odor is mainly caused by gaseous pollutants.

For kitchen exhaust gas disposal, it’s important to capture the majority of gaseous pollutants in kitchen exhaust gas. Boton commercial kitchen electrostatic precipitator is a high-efficiency air filter for exhaust gas purification and odor control.