Kitchen Hybrid Hood for Cooking Waste Gas Cleaning System

Exhaust range hood is one of the important parts of the ventilation system. BotonAir’skitchen hybrid hood is a special hood which inside with electrostatic filter. The function is not only to extract the cooking smoke and grease vapor, but also to filter the cooking fumes and grease particles by electrostatic precipitator.


-We can save the kitchen space, especially for those kitchens which is low and small.

-There is no need to buy extra kitchen smoke filtration system and also no need to buy the conventional hood, which can save the cost.

-The range hood material is all 304 stainless steel and its thickness is 1.1 mm, more strong structure than any others.

-Double pass purification, efficiency can be reached above 98%.

-Digital intelligent high voltage power and control system 

-Digital amperemeter display, grasping equipment operation accurately 

-Whole stainless steel and dismountable structure, durable and easy on maintenance, installation and cleaning. 

-Air curtain design, preventing smoke lateral leakage 

-Our filtering cell is both sides fixed and cylinder length is 330 mm. That means more collected area, better efficiency.

-According to the different kitchen situation, we can offer customized service which is more flexible and convenient for customers.