Manufacturing Plastic PVC Products resulted in generating air pollution?

PVC products are everywhere in our daily life, but do you know what kind exhaust gas is generated during production, so how to solve this problem?

Next let us know about the plastic PVC products and what are the exhaust gases during the making process?

Plasticizer makes PVC products more elastic and flexible. It is the key component of DOP(Dioctyl Phthalate) plasticizer in the production of PVC artificial leather. In the formulation of various plasticizers, the amount of DOP is over 80%, which is toxic and is also the main polluted thing. The plasticizer organic waste gas produced by the PVC artificial leather production workshop, the main pollutants are dust, DOP, DINP, DOA, ESD etc., and the temperature of these waste gas is between 80~90℃.

In the PVC production process, there are more oil mist and dust generated by mixing, gelatinization, kneading, foaming, surface, etc. When baking in a high-temperature foaming oven, a large amount of solvent in the mixture volatilizes to form oil fumes, and the fumes are mainly DOP, flame retardants, and xylene with a strong pungent smell.

For DOP oil fume treatment, we will use electrostatic filtering system, simply called Electrostatic Precipitator(ESP). We also called it DOP recovery machines (DOP recycle system). Our Boton Air ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) is a system which can solve the DOP discharged problem. Recovered DOP oil can be sold for other applications or used in the factory again according to some according to a certain percentage.

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