Oil& Mist Collection Project for Mat Foaming Production Lines

Mat manufacturers face pollution problems. The air pollution is mainly from foaming furnace lines. A mass of white smoke is generated from ovens. It would causea great harm on environment if discharge it directly without any treatment. Boton Air electrostatic precipitators are used in mat foaming production lines to filter the exhaust and collect oil& mist.

Here is an oversea project for a mat factory. It has a mat foaming furnace which combined by 4 chambers of ovens and the emission is 30000 m3/ h for this type of mat foaming furnace which uses natural gas for heating. The customer requests that visually smoke-free on ducting outlet after filtration. We select our model IESP-2.4+HED-2.8 for this project. After installation, the good efficiency gets the customer’s appreciation. The Boton air filter help to solve the air pollution problem at the same time recovery 400 kg solvent oil in smoke.