Pollution Control Units for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

The composition of lampblack produced by the urban catering industry is very complex, including more than 300 substances, including fatty acids, aldehydes, ketones, aromatic compounds, etc., of which more than 10 will pose a serious threat to human health. Relevant studies have shown that long-term inhalation of harmful substances contained in oil fume will damage the respiratory mucosa of the human body. In light cases, it will lead to tears, coughing and other symptoms. In serious cases, it will affect the immune function and even cause cancer. Oil fume can also indirectly generate ozone. High concentration of ozone will not only stimulate the respiratory system, lead to lack of vitamins in the human body, damage the immune function, and even cause neurotoxicity. At the same time, the oil fume will also have a certain impact on the growth of other plants and animals.

Boton Air Technology is a professional manufacturer of electrostatic precipitators(ESP) air filters.

Our products are mainly applied to kitchen exhaust systems which have proven to be the most reliable and cost-effective method of removing smoke particles and odor from kitchen cooking heavy grease and exhaust gas. The Boton Air unit is available in several configurations to achieve a largeairflow capacity.

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