Project: Air Filter forArtificial Leather Foaming Lines

Boton has rich experience in artificial leather exhaust pollution handling. We successfully finished many projects at home and abroad.We devote ourselves to research and strive to develop our electrostatic air filters for artificial leather industries for DOP recovery. It is used in PVC leather foaming lines, coating lines and calendaring lines. 99% filtration efficiency helps the factory recycle 200-500kg of DOP oil per day. Around 1-2 years the economic value of recycled DOP oil can cover the cost of air filters.

The electrostatic air filters use a high capacity intelligent frequency power system to make sure strong high voltage input into filtration modules and guarantee high efficiency. As a large part of smoke is greasily oil particles, before filtration, smoke should be entered into a heat exchanger to cool down the temperature first and also we set a fire suppression system inside ESP filters. It greatly reduces the potential risk of fire.