Project: Electrostatic Precipitator for Synthetic Leather Air Pollution Control

In the process of producing PVC products such as artificial leather, PVC gloves, floor leather, wallpaper, anti-slip mats, light box cloth, conveyor belts, air duct cloth, plastic screen windows, etc., the main component of the fume-containing gas emitted from the production line is DOP plasticizer. After being collected by the smoke collection device, it is sent to the cooling device through the gas transmission pipeline, and the temperature of the flue gas is reduced to a temperature suitable for the treatment of the electrostatic oil fume purification equipment through heat exchange. , the DOP plasticizer, viscosity reducer and other oils in the flue gas are turned into liquid oil for recovery (oil fume purification efficiency ≥ 98%), and the treated flue gas becomes clean gas that meets the emission standards. The recovered waste oil is of high purity and can be sold to recyclers for profit, or recycled as raw materials to recover equipment investment in a short period of time.

In the video, it’s a project for a synthetic leather factory. Boton Air just finish the installation. Without any treatment, there is a mass of stick flue gas from the chimney. When turning on the ESP filter, it achieves visually smoke-free which 100% reaches the local authority’s air pollution control policy.