Project—JiangSuHuayuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

JiangSuHuaYuan Medical Technology Co. Ltd, a listed company, is a professional manufacturer of vinyl &nitrile gloves in China. During the production of vinyl gloves, there are lots of exhaust is generated which should be purified and reach environmental standard before discharging. As a long-term supplier of HuaYuancompany, Boton Air has offered industrial electrostatic precipitators for 24 vinyl production lines.

What’s more, we successfully get the order for its branch company in YunNan Province, 18 units of industrial ESP filters are installed at the end of October 2020. 

The industrial ESP filters not only help to purify the exhaust from vinyl glove production lines but also for DOP recovery collection. It collects hundred of kilograms of oil per filter per day. Boton Air air filters collect the majority oil particles in exhaust and can reach above 98% removal efficiency. After filtration, smoke free by sight.