PVC-coated Wallpaper Industries Emission Control System

Botonair is an emissions control solution provider who designs and manufactures emission control system for PVC-coated wallpaper industries.

Working principle

In wallpaper industries, the coating production process generated a mass of exhaust. It’s harmful to the environment if discharges it without and filtration.Botonair emission control systems use the electrostatic precipitation principle to capture oil & mist particulatesand convert them from gas to liquid. Above 98% removal rate efficiencyeliminates billowing stick smoke from your chimney.

Easy installation

The whole filtration system is finished assembling before shipped to our customers. The only thing buyers need to do is to connect it to the pipes and power. Indoor or outdoor installation site both are feasible. Surely a canopy is necessary in the outdoor sites for sunlight and rain prevention.We use module design for our precipitator filters. It would be easier on assembling and conform to any site requirement.


We care deeply about the safety of our filters. Botonair develops and continuously improve our products safety. All industrial ESP filtration systems adopt electric discharge protection and fire suppression system which is automatic started when it detects over temperature.

A well-designed PVC-coated wall paper industries emission control system is not only an important tool for improving the factory working environment, but also solve air pollution problem and enhance your corporate social responsibility.

Botonair experienced team of applications engineers is here to develop the ideal solution for your emissions control needs. Please contact us if you have any interest.