Recycle DOP without delay

Hello, friends who are engaged in the PVC artificial leather industry, because during your production process, your production equipment – electric oven/foaming oven has been working at high temperature, and its production raw materials(when the temperature is high, it is easily volatile) and plasticizer also volatilized. So the higher the temperature, the more volatilization, which resulted in economic losses. According to the statistics of real projects in the industry by Foshan Boton Air Technology Co., Ltd. , the average volatilization of plasticizers The rate is 4% — 6%, which shows that this number is very large.

According to the real data statistics of thousands of sample projects of our company’s PVC flame-retardant lines in China and over sea countries, artificial leather manufacturers, and PVC gloves manufacturers, the average DOP oil content per cubic meter is the highest. When it is high, it can reach 1 gram, usually 0.6 grams/cubic meter. The smoke volume of each foaming oven in the PVC artificial leather industry is about 16,000 cubic meters per hour, so each line has 9.6 kg of plasticizer per hour of work. After 10 hours of work, 96 kilograms of expensive ones have been volatilized, and so on, 144 kilograms after 15 hours of work, 192 kilograms after 20 hours,… It has caused huge losses to the factory, and the factory must recycle DOP without delay!

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