Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Systems

Boton Air designs and manufactures HESP and SESP series of commercial kitchen exhaust air cleaning systems for keeping your kitchen free of harmful particulates. It’s easy to install in the ducts to capture of smoke, grease & odor generated by restaurant cooking equipment. Our cleaners are typically installed in the ceiling or mounted on the roof or inside kitchens above working areas.Botonair kitchen exhaust air cleaners utilize electrostatic precipitation to eliminate 98% exhaust and 70% odor when fitted correctly. This filtering system features easy installation and exceptional filtration efficiency. Ideal for most commercial kitchens and can be used with all kinds of exhaust systems including grease, odor and smoke filters.Our commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems have been designed with your restaurant’s needs in mind. Efficient, durable and easy to install, they keep your kitchen running smoothly.