Smoke Purification System for Fabric Stenter Production Lines

Textile industry is a severe pollution industry. During process of dyeing& finishing in textile industry, a dense column of smoke rise into the air which causes a fearful air pollution problem. Now many counties become to concern this issue and introduce an array of policies to control air pollution.

For the textile factories, how to deal with this problem and reach local environmental policies? Exhaust gas should be filtered before emission.

Boton Air is a professional manufacturer of industrial electrostatic air purifiers which are specialized in stenter frame lines waste gas purification and emission.

How do electrostatic precipitators work? Electrostatic precipitators input high voltage and then ionize grease and smoke particles as they travel over ionizing electrodes needles. The particles become electrically charged. The charged grease and smoke particles travel through the cylinders of the collector cells and become trapped. The longer the distance the particles have to travel through the collector cells, the more particles are collected. Boton Air initially designs long-tube cells to get a better efficiency.

Boton Air has a range of models to address your production lines. We will make a proposal for you after getting essential parameter of the stenters such as airflow, smoke temperature, chamber quantity and so on. We achieve that the efficiency is above 99% and no smoke is seem in the outlet ducting.

Please kindly send us enquiry if you are interested in it.