The Detergent for Cells Cleaning

The electrostatic precipitator (ESP air cleaner) is mainly used in air pollution treatment and filter the grease exhaust. The ESP filters collect the majority of oil molecules to convert them from gas from liquid. That is also why it’s necessary to clean cells after a period of using to remove grime and oil dirty.

We recommend the detergent is caustic soda (NaOH) which mixes with hot water. The proportion for it is 25:1 (hot water: caustic soda). Caustic soda has a good effective dissolution on grime and oil dirty. Hot water is to speed it up. In 80℃ solution, the soaking time is around one hour. Due to time lapses, the temperature of water will drop. If solution is kept heating to maintain water in around 80℃, the soaking time can be shorten to just half hour.

After sufficient soaking, grime and oil dirty on cells are removed. Take the cells out and use a water jet sprays the cells to make them clean.