The Fire Suppression System In Electrostatic Air Cleaners

The importance of fire suppression systems in industrial electrostatic air cleaners is unquestionable. As we all know, the exhaust from PVC-based products, textile finishing, and food factories are thick and greased. It has a potential risk of fire hazard when the oil accumulates to a certain extent.

How to reduce this risk? Botonair industrial electrostatic air filtration system has a heat exchanger to cool down the exhaust first to guarantee the exhaust temperature is around 40℃ before entering the ESP modules. Secondly, A lots of temperature sensors areinstalled at every corner inside the ESP units. If the temperature is too high(over 152℃ ), the temperature sensor would be broken which would send the fire sign to PLC. Then the fire-fighting procedures will start action after receiving the signal as follow:

(1)Alarm rings

(2)ESP stops

(3) fire dampers shut down for both sides

(4) electrical butterfly valve turns on

All these actions above would be finished within 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, the fire water would come out to put off the fire.

On the machine design, Botonair separated the control cabinet from the host because in case of the host catch fire, the control cabinet would not get involved in it and protect the electrical parts effectively.