The Function of The Kitchen Smoke Exhaust Ventilation System

With the rapid development of science and technology and the catering industry, the function of the kitchen smoke exhaust ventilation system has been continuously improved, and it is more than just exhausting oily smoke and heat. This system already has the functions of exhausting oil fume, steam, waste gas, moisture, inputting fresh air, adjusting temperature, and purifying incoming and outgoing air. The design of a fully functional kitchen exhaust ventilation system should achieve the following functions.

(1) Exhaust oil fume and waste gas

The smoke exhaust equipment captures and exhausts all the fume, steam, exhaust gas and peculiar smell generated by the kitchen equipment, ensures that the fume and hot air do not escape, and takes away the excess heat generated by the kitchen equipment.

(2) Fresh air input

Consider the fresh air volume of the air supply fan based on the natural supplementary air volume of the kitchen and the fresh air volume of the air conditioner. Supplement the fresh air to match the exhaust air volume, balance the negative pressure generated by the smoke exhaust, make a slight negative pressure in the kitchen where pollutants are generated, and maintain a weak positive pressure in the high-cleanliness work room.

Even if the outdoor doors and windows are closed in winter, when the kitchen door is opened, there will be no more than 3 m/s wind speed into the kitchen. However, central kitchens, food processing plants and cold dish rooms need to generate weak positive pressure so that outdoor air cannot directly enter the processing area.

(3) Control temperature

According to the requirements of the working environment of the kitchen, the system should have the function of indoor temperature adjustment, and various work rooms can control the room temperature according to actual needs.

(4) Fresh air purification

The supplementary fresh air should be purified and adjusted in temperature to prevent dust and debris from mixing into the kitchen and contaminating food.

(5) Purify lampblack and reduce noise

The exhausted fume should be purified to reduce noise and reduce environmental pollution.

(6) Optimized design, energy saving and consumption reduction

Through system calculation, it is necessary to calculate the technical indicators of the system such as air volume, pressure, heat, etc., and carry out a balanced optimization design, so that

The system ventilator works at the optimum operating point. Adopt decentralized control and system dynamic balance design, so that the system design has the function of saving energy and reducing consumption.