The structure of kitchen electrostatic precipitator

Kitchen filtration system is one of the most importance part in the whole ventilation system in restaurant kitchens. An efficiency cooking exhaust filtration system brings a clean working environment in kitchens at the same time avoid complaint from neighbors.

What is the essential equipment in filtration system? That is absolutely electrostatic precipitator filters. It utilizes high voltage ionization principle to capture oil & grease particle in exhaust and discharge clean air after purification.

Hoods collect all smoke and with the suction of the fan, smoke goes to electrostatic air cleaner. There is a mesh filter in the inlet for air divider and filter big particle first. Then oil particles are collected by electrostatic cells. We have a range of models to address any kitchen condition and double pass gets a higher performance. Boton electrostatic air filtration system achieve that no smoke is seem on the outlet ducting. If odor is very heavy, you can also add an extra carbon filter to remove the smelling. Fan should be installed in the rear of all filters, the advantage of it is to avoid grease sticking inside fan and make it dirty.